how to install gtkmorph

To install this program, you should follow these instructions

download and install the GTK libraries

GtkMorph needs the GTK libraries; those are not distrbuted with GtkMorph. If you have installed the GIMP then you may already have those libraries; otherwise, you must download and install them.
Note that GtkMorph is currently compiled with GTK2.6; the newest GIMP is compiled with GTK 2.8; but they are compatible enough to coexist.
To install the Gtk runtime libraries, you must download and install an appropriate installer; the latest installer for gtk 2.8.9 (that is the recommended version for Windows XP and Windows 2000) is currently here; if that link does not work, or if you want/need a more recent version, open the link and choose the most apt to your Windows version (both gtk 2.6 and gtk 2.8 seem compatible with GtkMorph).

Install the package GtkMorph

Download the latest version of GtkMorph-installer (currently GtkMorph-installer-20060130.exe) from the SourceForge repository, Simply double-click on it, and it will automatically install on you PC.


If you are a first-timer, then you really want to read the guide: to activate it, select "guide" under the "help" menu.