morph of mjg to alien


morphing program for X Window System


is a combination of image warping and dissolving.

Xmorph, a morphing program, performs these tasks.

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2001 March 6:

The Xmorph project has been significantly augmented by A C G Mennucci, who added Xmorph to Source Forge and wrote a GTK graphical user interface for the morphing software. Visit the Source Forge web site for that new version. The GTK version (called GTKmorph) has significant potential but is not yet as easy to use at the Athena "classic" version.

Until we get our ducks in a row, two versions of Xmorph concurrently exist: The distribution on Source Forge provides the new GTK version as well as a slightly old Athena version. The distribution here provides only the application using Athena widgets, and (thanks to Gordon Matzigkeit and R.L. Horn) should work with the new (and old) versions of GIMP.

NOTE: GTKmorph uses gdk-pixbuf which you might have to download (Gnome site, RPMfind site, Eazel site - out of date) and install before compiling gtkmorph.

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