xmorph & gtkmorph

The two programs xmorph and gtkmorph  are the GUI (graphical user interfaces, that is, front-ends) to libmorph, a library that implements digital image warping , known as morphing.

This is a brief review


From the README, by M.J.Gourlay:
Morphing was invented and first used by Industrial Light and Magic. The original author of the first morphing algorithm is Douglas B. Smythe.  If you can get ahold of the article, read Douglas B.  Smythe's article A Two-Pass Mesh Warping Algorithm for Object Transformation and Image Interpolation'', ILM Technical Memo 1030, Computer Graphics Department, Lucasfilm Ltd., 1990.  This kind of morphing is technically nothing more than a simultaneous warp and dissolve (see example) of an image. Another kind of morphing, which is far more involved than what xmorph does, uses 3D models of the two things being morphed.
The first commercial use of morphing was in a sequence in the movie 
Willow. Since then, morphing has been widely used.  Among the more memorable morphing sequences are those found in Michael Jackson's ``Black or White'' video, and in the movie T2.

Be sure to read George Wolberg's 
Digital Image Warping.  I have corresponded with George Wolberg about this program.  I asked him whether he considered xmorph to be a violation of copyright of the algorithms in his book, since there are similarities.  Mr. Wolberg assured me that my algorithms were different enough that there was no problem, and he seemed very interested and enthused about the existence of my public domain implementation.  Also, the algorithms published in Mr. Wolberg's book had bugs in them which I and other xmorph contributors have found, and those bugs have been reported to George Wolberg, who verified my corrections to be proper.  I was also told that these bugs were propagated on to Lucasfilm, although I have heard from no one at Lucasfilm directly.


A.Mennucci: In Nov 2003,  I have reviewed some of the libmorph code; I have changed the morphing routines , to this end:
 for more info, read the slides  (from HBES 04), or see this example image


gtkmorph: Written and Copyright (C) 2000-2004 by A C G Mennucci

This GUI uses the GTK libraries. It is more advanced than xmorph, since
You may also read the slides  (from HBES 04) where the above improvements w.r.t. standard morphing are discussed.
gtkmorph has been succesfully used in real world application, for research in Neurophysiology; it may be used in general for research in Geometric Morphometrics. Some selected publications:


xmorph/morph/libmorph: Written and Copyright (C) 1994-2000 by Michael J. Gourlay

The original xmorph web pages (by M.J. Gourlay) are not hosted at Colorado research any more; a copy can be found here; but all links referring to other subjects are broken.
The original web pages contain examples and tutorials for xmorph.
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